It’s the ONE Thing

What is the one thing that is more important than anything else in a marketing plan?’

We get this question often — from both newbie agents and seasoned vets — and our answer is this — TOUCH YOUR NETWORK CONSISTENTLY!

To paraphrase Michael Hutchence of INXS, ‘It’s the One thing.’

Network Numbers

Keeping yourself in front of your client base regularly with information, analysis and narrative is one of the most effective methods of promotion

Sales is a numbers game, despite many’s wish to the contrary.

A salesperson’s income is a direct result of the number of quality opportunities they can create for themselves.

  • Fewer opportunities — lower income.
  • More opportunities — more income.

It is as simple as that.

Establishing systems that keep you in front of your network is the first step to earn higher income. By staying in front of your base regularly, you are far more likely to be there at the exact moment when your clients have a need for your services. Average income earners hope that their clients call when they have a need — high income earners encourage their clients to call and encourage them regularly.

So the first step in mining your database to its maximum yield is being regular in your marketing.

Defining a Database

A well-defined database is not as large as you might think. It does not take a huge network to yield huge results!

So how big is your database?

Most of us can generate a list of names, numbers and e mails in the thousands. Imagine your e mail and phone contact list, your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn connections along with your Twitter and Instagram followers. The number gets big pretty quickly …

But are all of these people really potential clients? The obvious answer is no.

Once you remove the duplicates, your competition and all of those contacts labelled ‘Dude with dark hair,’ the list typically shrinks considerably.

At the end of the day, most people have networks that can be effectively marketed to with anywhere from 150 to about 400 people. And while it sounds sexier to have a list of 1,000 people that you market to, know that a small yet well-defined database can yield more than enough business for the typical salesperson — provided the database is mined correctly.

Touching Via Drip

The key to any marketing effort is consistency.

Without a doubt, the most effective way to stay in front of your contact base is via some sort of ‘Drip Marketing Campaign.’

A Drip Campaign is a system of client touches (usually via e mail) that effectively places your name (or business name) in front of your network at regular and predictable intervals. Typically, the most effective forms of Drip involve offering some type of valuable information (analysis, narrative, updates, insight) along with a call to action or an attempt to drive them to place where the recipient can get more information.

And while many ‘out of the box’ solutions exist for Drip Marketing, the most engaging campaigns are those that are custom-built and support the salesperson’s brand.

Summary — Invest in Touch

Drip marketing is not only effective, it is relatively inexpensive and is extremely easy to measure.

So to again answer the initial question — the single most important thing you can do is invest in the infrastructure to touch your client base with some form of value on a regular basis. No other form of promotion is as effective as Drip, especially once you consider how many it can reach, how inexpensively it can reach them and how easy it is to measure the effectiveness.

For those who have already instituted a drip campaign, I am preaching to the choir.

For those who have not, you should stop what you are doing right now and get to work setting yours up.





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