Prioritizing Creativity

Here at Halogen we are a very busy bunch.

But we’re not complaining! We love being able to bring our clients’ visions to life and are continually rewarded by the impact they have on each individual’s business or brand.

Thinking Big

But when I say we are busy I mean, we are busy. And while we wouldn’t have it any other way, we’ve realized how hard it can be to make sure we’re not getting caught with our blinders on – blinders being that “switching from task to task without looking out at the horizon” mentality that keeps us laser-focused on keeping track of our clients day to day, but can sometimes get in the way of making sure we’re thinking big, being creative, or looking for the next big idea.

Our purpose is, first and foremost, to deliver to clients what they require to build their businesses – send the email, post the blog, run the ad. But we also want to push the envelope and serve as creative consultants, strategists, and visionaries. And when we’ve got our blinders on, that can be hard to do.

So how do we be both the worker bee, efficiently reaching deadlines and completing tasks, and also the astronaut, paving new ground and challenging convention?

Making the Time

We recently decided that in order to be thought leaders, to generate new ideas, and to think outside of the box, we needed to prioritize creativity, despite our busy schedules. To not pit the two mindsets in competition with each other, but to make time for both.

As a team, we set aside time each month to do nothing but brainstorm. We ask the big questions that often start like “what if we…”, “could we get away with…”, or “would it be crazy to…” Setting this time aside has allowed us to really delve deep into the questions and ideas that we might not have time to play around with on a day to day basis when we’re soldiering through our to-do lists.

And what we’ve found is that dedicating this time to questioning, imagining, and challenging both the norms of our industry and the norms we’ve established within our own bubble, can send us down quite the rabbit-hole of inquiry – the “what ifs” and “why nots” just keep coming and coming, forcing us to continually expand our thinking.

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